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Siren Care's Diabetic Socks win TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield at CES 2017!

Hardware Battlefield – Siren Care Wins TechCrunch Award at CES 2017

We are very excited to announce that Siren Care won TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield 2017! We showed a LIVE DEMO on stage of the Siren Smart Socks at CES in Las Vegas! The competition was fierce. But we were able to convince the judges during the main pitch event and in the finals.

Siren Care Wins TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield at CES 2017!

Thank You TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield Team!

We want to thank the whole TechCrunch team who did an awesome job. Neesha Tambe fearlessly handled a sleepless bunch of startup founders. Anthony Ha smoothly moderated the whole event. Matt Burns, who also was one of the judges in the finals. And Matthew Lynley for a great write-up! And last but not least, Sam O’Keefe, who gave invaluable advice to sharpen our live demo!

The 4th edition of TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield at the CES saw a push in health & wellness products. Let’s take a look at the other finalists.

Bloomlife at CES2017

Bloomlife makes a smart pregnancy tracker, which helps take the guesswork out of pregnancy.
(Copyright: USA Today)

Smartypans at TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield 2017Smartypans
Smartypan  make a smart pan to improve nutrition and overall health. You can also track your own recipes.
(Copyright: TechCrunch)

ShapeScale presents their Smart Scale at TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield 2017Shape Scale
Shape Scale is creating a personal body scanner to help you track workouts and visualize progress. Keeps you motivated!
(Copyright: TechCrunch)

Munro's retro-style e-moped was a semi-finalist at TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield 2017Munro
Munro‘s booth was next to ours. Munro creates and produces a super-lightweight E-Motorcycle, styled after iconic Indian motorbikes.
(Copyright: TechCrunch)

Judges TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield 2017: Thank you!

TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield Judges Watch CEO Ran Ma Pitch Siren Smart Socks

The judges in the semi-finals were Cyril Ebersweiler (HAX Accelerator/Boost), Ken Washington (Research and Advanced Engineering Center of Ford), Jeff Richards (GGV Capital) and Anthony Ha (TechCrunch)

Helen Greiner (Cyphyworks), Michelle K. Lee (Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)), Wendell Brooks, (President of Intel Capital) TechCrunch Senior Editor Matt Burns were the judges in the finals. Some tough questions!


Hardware Battlefield & Eureka Park @ Sands

We exhibited at Eureka park. Eureka Park represents the best, most innovative and sometimes weirdest sample of hardware startups in the world.

Phonotonic at CES 2017Phonotonic
Phonotonic changes the way we listen to live music with a funky looking polygonal device that turns movement into music in real time.


Lief Therapeutics at CES 2017Lief Therapeutics
Rohan Dixit from Lief Therapeutics makes a smart biosensing patch for stress relief. It measures your heart and breath and improves your body’s natural stress response through gentle, safe biofeedback exercises.

Having fun with Jeff Lebrun from Arthur Health at CES 2017Arthur Health (500 Startups Batch 18!)
We met up with our fellow 500 Startups Batch 18 batchmate Arthur Health. Arthur Health makes a connected pharmacy with a smart pill bottle. The pill bottle includes and app and software for caregivers to simplify and improve medication management.

Hardware Club – Community of Hardware Startups

Nuimo Smart Home Controller made by Senic

We are a proud member of the Hardware Club Community. They had some awesome companies at their sleek booths. Tobias Eichenwald from Senic was showing off beautifully designed smart home controls.

Fusar - member of Hardware Club - at CES 2017Ryan Shearman from Fusar stopped by our booth to say ‘Hi’. Fusar stands for the fusion of technology and adventure. They make your favorite technologies accessible by creating connected mobility products that can accompany you wherever and whenever you need them!
(Copyright: Gadgetflow)

Eureka park was buzzing and lively. The many startups attracted a lot of attention away from big players, just a floor above. Companies such as Fitbit, Under Armour, Honeywell, Philips and others had amazing booths, but missed the buzz of Eureka Park.

NVIDIA showed their latest technology at CES 2017

While the startup world has some really exciting and innovative as well as questionable products to present and is ever growing, many big brands seem to simply iterate on ongoing trends in tech, communications and design instead of bringing ground breaking innovations. Interestingly enough, older brands like NVIDIA are showing their capabilities more than ever for example as a pioneer in the development of autonomous driving. (Copy Right: Nvidia Blog)

Overview of gadgets at CES 2017 in Las Vegas

Nevertheless, Sony, Panasonic, Volkswagen or Toyota among others showed their ambitions to make a push innovation with their own lab projects and company internal incubators as well as a high trend and technology awareness. Volkswagen picked up a collaboration with Amazon’s Alexa and is planning to make it your personal assistant through intelligent voice command. Sony presented a series of projects that their experimental labs are working on like the next generation of AR devices which focuses on voice & audio rather than putting holograms between us and the world.

Toyota Concept-I “Yui”

Toyota presented their latest concept car 'Yui' at CES 2017Toyota envisions the future of mobility with cars that can not just drive autonomously, but that will get to know us as a person and uses collected data to assist us in practical as well as emotional ways.

Polaroid 3D-printing pen at CES 2017Other fun things we saw were the 3D printing pen from Polaroid – or the interactive “Kill-the-fruit”-game by Changhong which Henk Jan totally nailed!

See You Next Year at CES 2018!

It was definitely an exciting CES! Worth celebrating with cocktails and friends on the Las Vegas High Roller! Here’s to next year’s TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield!

– The Siren Care Team

Celebrating the win of TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield in Las Vegas!

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