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Find Diabetic Foot Injuries Early

Siren smart diabetic socks monitor foot temperature and proactively help with potential diabetic foot ulcers.


Find Diabetic Foot Injuries Early

Siren smart diabetic socks monitor foot temperature and proactively help with potential diabetic foot ulcers.


"Siren Diabetic Socks have the potential to prevent foot ulceration and reduce the number of amputations"


Dr. Alexander Reyzelman

Podiatric Surgeon,

"The app helps you catch foot problems on time and get to the doctor. I would recommend these socks to anyone who has diabetes"


Roy P.

Living with Type 2

"These socks are the difference between having a serious injury and a possible amputation - that alone is worth the technology"


Eva R.

Living with
Gestational Diabetes

How It Works

1. Wear Socks Daily




Integrated sensors monitor temperature changes between your feet throughout the day. Wear your socks everyday to get accurate readings.

2. Get Notified of Potential Injuries



The Siren app will send you notifications when there is a possible injury. Use the Siren Plug to be notified with a phone call or text or if you do not have a smart phone.

3. Socks Ship Every 6 Months


Proper diabetic foot care recommends replacing your socks at least every 6 months.

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Diabetic Socks. Upgraded.

Siren socks are machine-washable, don't need to be charged, and are extremely comfortable.


Powered by Neurofabric

Siren Diabetic Socks are built with miniature temperature sensors that are seamlessly embedded into the sock fabric. These sensors track temperature changes at the bottom of your feet. The Siren sensors send temperature readings to your Siren app and to your Siren plug so you can monitor your feet daily.


Siren board


Siren sensor


Blended textile



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Monitoring Foot Temperature Could Save Your Life

When your body is injured it becomes inflammed. Inflammation is accompanied by a rise in skin temperature. By monitoring temperature changes on the bottom of your feet you can potentially see the early signs of injury and diabetic foot ulcers. Clinical studies show that people living with diabetes who monitor foot temperature have higher rates avoiding ulcers.


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Siren App

Download the Siren app to receive notifications of potential foot injuries, access to Siren's latest education materials, and membership within the close-knit Siren community

Siren Plug Remote Monitoring

No smartphone? Use the Siren Plug to get notifications.

Plug your Siren plug into an electric outlet and a Siren representative will call or text you when there are changes in your foot temperature that may result in a foot injury.

Take control of diabetic neuropathy.