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Ready To Take Control of Diabetic Neuropathy?

Nerve damage is a common complication of diabetes. Siren Smart Socks can help you find injuries that you cannot feel.

Siren Smart Socks

Research has shown that temperature monitoring can reduce foot ulcers. Siren Smart Socks translates this proven science into a design that fits easily into your everyday life.

All you have to do is put on socks like you would every day. The temperature sensors are integrated into the fabric of the sock, and the data is sent to the Siren app.

Siren Smart Socks are machine washable, machine dryable, and do not need to be charged.

Monitoring Foot Temperature

When your body is injured, your body fights the injury with an immune response called inflammation. Inflammation is accompanied by temperature rise. Therefore, temperature is a signal for inflammation.

Siren Smart Socks work by detecting the temperature difference between the same spots on your two feet.

Siren Smart Socks measure six spots on your feet. The big toe, metatarsals 1, 3, 5, the arch, and the heel.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Nerve damage due to diabetes means that a small injury may go unnoticed, and become an ulcer, gangrene and amputation. Siren Smart Socks can help you find an injury before it’s too late.

Neuropathy is the most common and devastating complication of diabetes. Although the exact cause of neuropathy is unknown, some potential contributing factors are an elevated A1C, age, length of time living with diabetes, and genetics. Neuropathy can affect both people living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and can start even during pre-diabetes.

Neuropathy means that your nerves are damaged and the signals are misfiring. Neuropathy can manifest itself as both extreme sensation, or lack of sensation. In both cases this can be dangerous, because injuries can go unnoticed.

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

An injury can go unnoticed and escalate into an ulcer, gangrene and ultimately amputation. Each year in the US alone, a 100,000 limbs are lost due to diabetes.


Prevention is the best medicine. Internationally accepted guidelines recommend that you check your feet at least once a day and wear socks as much as possible to protect your vulnerable feet.


Siren Smart Socks are a superior diabetic sock, that provides physical protection, as well as 24/7 monitoring to notify you of potential injury.


Pain protects you from serious injury. Siren Smart Socks give you back the gift of pain.


Dr. Aleyxander Reyzelman Podiatric Surgeon UCSF

Dr. Alexander M. Reyzelman 

Podiatric Surgeon, Co-Director of the Limb Preservation Unit USCF

"Siren Smart Socks have the potential to prevent foot ulceration and reduce the number of amputations based on early recognition of pre-ulcerative areas."

Marc Fairman Type 1 Diabetes

Marc Fairman 

Living with type 1 diabetes for 35 years

"Diabetic ulcers have imposed great suffering on me and my loved ones. If I had a product that would help me determine before these ulcers develop, it would change my life."

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How Siren Smart Socks work:

  • Receive 7 pairs of Siren Smart Socks in the mail (equivalent to 6 months worth of socks)
  • Socks are machine washable, machine dryable and do not require charging
  • Wear Siren Smart Socks Daily
  • Six seamless temperature sensors in the fabric detect the foot's temperature.
  • Continuous monitoring alerts you to temperature changes to signal potential injury
  • Simple notifications prompt individuals to check their foot for signs of potential injury
  • Never worry about replacing your Siren Smart Socks, new pairs are automatically mailed to you

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