The Next Step in Foot Care

Siren Socks monitor foot temperature, sending information to a licensed nurse and your doctor to help them find potential injuries you may not feel.

Siren Socks®

Siren Socks ulcer detection

Important Foot Care

The NIH recommends that people with neuropathy check their feet daily for signs of injury that can lead to foot ulcers, infection, and more.1

Siren Socks effortless

Real-Time Monitoring

Siren monitors foot temperature continuously, providing a licensed nurse and your doctor with information that can help them identify signs of potential injury.


87% More Effective

Temperature monitoring, in contrast to visual checks alone, has been shown to improve outcomes related to ulcers by 87%.2

How it works

Wear Your Socks Daily
The socks are comfortable, machine-washable and do not need to be charged.


Licensed Nurses Call You

Should signs of inflammation be detected, a licensed nurse will call you and ask for more information.


Your Doctor Manages Your Care

The nurse will relay your information to your doctor, who will decide the next steps in your care plan.


Lifetime Supply of Socks

Siren Socks are automatically replaced when they wear down.
No Smartphone Required

Siren Socks work without smartphones and come with an optional companion app.


For Doctors

Better outcomes for your patients via our remote monitoring platform. Track and treat with support from Siren's team of compliance and billing specialists.


Adheres to CMS guidelines for RPM services

Clinical population management + decision support tools

Clinical staffing support for both your office and patients

For Patients

A complete system to monitor temperature, stress free. Siren gives you and your doctor the best chance at identifying injuries before they turn into ulcers...or worse!


Comfortable socks ship directly to your door
Licensed nurses monitor your foot health. If you have a potential injury, the nurse calls you for more information
The nurse gives the information to your doctor and your doctor decides if you need an in-person clinic visit


“The app let me see a rise in temperature that I couldn't feel due to my neuropathy. Siren Socks helped me get to the doctor early."


Roy P.

Living with Type 2 Diabetes

"These socks have helped me feel confident that I'm doing everything I can to stay healthy and avoid injury.”


Eva R.

Living with gestational diabetes


Find a Certified Siren Provider

Certified Experts in Diabetic Foot Care and Remote Patient Monitoring

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Research Citations

1. Peripheral Neuropathy, The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, February 2018,


2. Lavery, Armstrong: Skin Temperature Monitoring Reduces the Risk for Diabetic Foot Ulceration in High-Risk Patients. The American Journal of Medicine 120:1042-1046, 2007.