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Temperature Monitoring Can Save Your Feet

Prevention is the 
best medicine.
Temperature monitoring is proven to reduce foot ulcers by 72%. Siren Smart Socks is the only product that continuously measures your foot temperature.
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No Prescription or Healthplan needed
Siren Smart Socks are a product you can use regardless if you have a healthplan and without prescription.
We give you the option to export and share your foot data with your trusted healthcare professional.

Take care of your feet to avoid surgery and amputation. Siren Smart Socks monitor your feet with every step you take. 

Temperature Monitoring Can Save Feet

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Every year millions of people with diabetes will suffer from foot ulcers.
Diabetic foot ulcers are preventable.
Early detection of injury is key in preventing ulcers and amputations.
Did you know:
That foot ulcers are the most common reason for hospital stays for people with diabetes.
Marc Fairman
Living with Type 1 Diabetes for 35 years
"Diabetic ulcers have imposed great suffering on me and my loved ones.
If I had a product that would help me determine before these ulcers develop, it would change my life."
"Siren Smart Socks have the potential to prevent foot ulceration and reduce the number of amputations based on early recognition of pre-ulcerative areas."
Podiatric Surgeon 
Co-Director of the Limb Preservation Unit USCF
Dr. Alex M. Reyzelman
What Patients And Doctors Are Saying:
Live A Safer, Simpler Life
Monitor for early signs of wounds so you have 
one less thing to worry about.
Keep Your Independence 
Diabetic foot ulcers can make you bedridden for months and result in frequent hospital visits.
Peace Of Mind
Receive alerts and insights on your smartphone about potential injuries as soon as they happen.
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Siren Smart Socks 
The only temperature sensing socks to help prevent foot ulcers caused by diabetes.
Live A Safer, Simpler Life
We monitor for early signs of wounds so you have one less thing to worry about
Temperature monitoring can
prevent foot ulcers.
Skin inflammation is accompanied by temperature rise and potentially is a life-threatening foot ulcer. Siren Smart Socks monitor foot temperature to catch injuries early before they turn into an ulcer.
Did you know:
Research shows that up to 72%
of foot ulcers are preventable through temperature monitoring.
Dr. Reyzelman on Diabetic Foot Ulcers Learn More

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PRE-ORDER now and get over 30% DISCOUNT and FREE SHIPPING*

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