The Most Effective Technology for Ulcer Detection - Temperature

Siren’s Diabetic Socks and Foot Monitoring System continuously track foot temperature, helping you find potential signs of diabetic foot ulcers.

The Most Effective Technology for Ulcer Detection - Temperature

Siren’s Diabetic Foot Monitoring System and Socks continuously track foot temperature, helping you find potential signs of diabetic foot ulcers.


Diabetic Foot Care Just Took a Big Step Forward

Siren Clinical Research Diabetes Foot Ulcer Prevention

People with neuropathy need to monitor their feet to detect inflammation - an early sign of potential foot injuries that often lead to ulcers and amputations. But simply keeping an eye on your feet and using therapeutic footwear are often not enough to prevent injuries.

Siren’s innovative system monitors foot temperature every minute you're wearing the socks, helping detect foot ulcers early. Monitoring foot temperature is clinically proven to be 87% more effective at preventing diabetic foot ulcers than standard diabetic foot care.



See what people are saying about Siren Diabetic Socks

"Siren Diabetic Socks have the potential to prevent foot ulceration and reduce the number of amputations.”


Dr. Alexander Reyzelman

Podiatric Surgeon, UCSF

“The app helps you catch foot problems on time and get to the doctor. I would recommend these socks to anyone who has diabetes."


Roy P.

Living with Type 2 Diabetes

"These socks are the difference between staying healthy and having a serious injury and possible amputation.”


Eva R.

Living with gestational diabetes

A Simple System


1. Wear your Siren socks daily

They’re so comfortable you won’t realize they’re equipped with sensors that continuously monitor foot temperature at six key points.


2. Get notifications

Should signs of inflammation be detected, you will receive notifications via the Siren companion app and/or text message.


3. New socks ship every 6 mos.

To ensure accuracy, you’ll receive a new shipment of socks to replace your current supply every six months.

Each Subscription Includes:


5 pairs of Siren Diabetic Socks

5 new pairs of socks ship every 6 months.
Receive a free sock organizer and washing bag with your first shipment.

  • Available in 4 colors
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • No charging required

SLive Customer Support

Representatives are available by phone or chat from 9am-5pm PST, toll free.

Siren Online Web Portal

View temperature readings, access educational materials, and connect with the Siren Diabetic community online.

Siren Mobile App

Receive notifications and view temperature readings through the Siren mobile app for iOS and Android.

Simple Pricing.

You only pay once your package has shipped.



Every 6 months


A Complete System

Continuous temperature monitoring without the stress

Cancel anytime
Cancel anytime
Ships Every 6 Months
New socks ship every
6 months
Wear every day and never recharge
Wear every day and
never recharge

Powered by Neurofabric™

Siren Smart Diabetic Socks are constructed with Neurofabric, a smart textile built with seamless, embedded miniature temperature sensors. This pioneering technology, developed by Siren, is the first of its kind to help people with diabetes know when their feet are injured.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Siren App

Download the free mobile Siren app to:

  • Get notifications of potential signs of an ulcer
  • Get free access to educational materials
  • Become a member of the Siren user community

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