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Powered By Smart Technology

Siren Smart Socks are built with miniature temperature sensors that are seamlessly embedded into the fabric. This pioneering technology is the first of its kind to help people with diabetes know when their feet are injured.

Temperature Monitoring Can Prevent Foot Ulcers

Siren Care injury leads to skin inflammation

Injury leads to higher temperature

One of the first signs of injury is inflammation. When the skin is inflamed, this results in an increase in temperature. By monitoring temperature changes, you're able to see the first signs of inflammation and of diabetic foot ulcers.


Smart sensors track skin temperature

Six miniature temperature sensors in the fabric of the sock track the temperature at the bottom of your feet. These sensors are placed at the six most common sites of injury. The socks send your foot data to your smartphone.

SIren Care Diabetic Socks Hotspot
Siren Care Socks Send Simple Prompt

Get instant notifications

When there is a significant temperature increase in a part of your foot, the Siren Care App sends a message to your phone. This allows you to take action to improve your foot health. For example:

  • Do a visual foot check
  • Change your shoes
  • Reduce physical activity, or
  • Reach out to their healthcare professional.

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Easy To Use

Siren Care 7 Pairs Illustration
Siren Care Phone App Illustration

Siren Smart Socks are designed to fit seamlessly into your life.


You get 7 pairs of socks for 6 months, so you can wear a fresh pair every day of the week. Use our convenient subscription model to have a new set delivered straight to your doorstep every six months.


Siren Smart socks are machine washable, machine dryable, and don't need to be charged. The socks are exceptionally comfortable, avoiding pressure points for your vulnerable feet.


With the Siren Care App you can easily monitor and track your foot health.