Why Should I Wear Siren Diabetic Socks Every Day?

February 13, 2019

Ok, they're comfy. Yes, the technology is cool. Sure, they're a giant step in the direction of healing, but why should I wear Siren Diabetic Socks every day?

Temperature Monitoring

Siren Diabetic Socks are designed to help people with diabetes and nerve damage. Our socks go beyond standard diabetic socks and use temperature monitoring. Each sock has small sensors that let you know if there is a rise in temperature on any part of your foot.

This is crucial, because an increase in foot temperature is a sign of inflammation. In turn, inflammation is the first sign of a potential foot injury.


In addition to monitoring day-to-day temperature changes, Siren Diabetic Socks physically protect your feet from injury. With full-cushion lining, they reduce friction to the foot.


With a non-binding top and completely seamless design, Siren Diabetic Socks are super comfortable. They are also moisture-wicking and non-toxic to keep your feet happy throughout the day.


If you have diabetes and nerve damage, you need to wear socks at all times. It is key to protecting your feet and is an important part of your health program.

So, in support of cleanliness, we send you a box that includes 5 pairs of socks. That way you have one fresh, clean pair for every weekday -- plus weekends free to do laundry 😉. You'll never run out, making it easier to protect your feet.

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and the American Diabetes Association say that people with diabetes should:

  1. Wear socks every day
  2. Wear socks to bed (at night)
  3. Never walk barefoot
  4. Wear clean socks

Wearing Siren Diabetic Socks, coupled with proper foot care and temperature monitoring, will help you protect your feet.


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