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Take Care of Your Feet

September 28, 2018

This post was written by Shunta B, from Texas. She has type 2 diabetes and is a user of the Siren Diabetic Sock and Foot Monitoring System.

Having Type 2 diabetes has really been eye-opening. I’ve had to learn how to take care of myself, and that includes keeping my feet healthy.  Making sure your feet are healthy is something you never realize is so important until it is. It wasn’t something I was really warned about. Then when you have neuropathy, like me, it becomes even more important to take care of your feet.

I check my feet every day and when I hurt I check them even more.  I'm so afraid of losing a toe or worse, my leg. I usually have calluses and corns. I know that because I have neuropathy I have to pay even closer attention to them, simply because I’m more at risk for a problem.

When I was diagnosed in 2000, I had a hard time adjusting to my new lifestyle. It was not an easy change, but I read and I went to classes and I learned the dos and the don’ts. I had to learn a lot through trial and error too. I was definitely not happy about a lot of the recommendations and changes I needed to make. But, as I get older I learn to value the things that are most important to me, like my family and my health.  I want to live and be able to enjoy my grandkids and friends and family on my own two feet and in order to do that I have to take care of my feet.

I see and hear about so many people that have either had an amputation or have non-healing wounds on their feet and it really scares me. I think I am over-checking my feet sometimes to the point I think I am paranoid and driving myself crazy.

In fact, I often think about my late uncle, who was my teacher about diabetes and my voice of reason. I only wished someone could have been his voice of reason and his teacher, and maybe then he would not have lost his legs.  It started off with a toe and progressed until eventually he lost both legs.

Because I have neuropathy in both feet, I'm so afraid of losing them every time my pain level gets to level 10+. Sometimes, I think if I had to lose my feet that it would be okay because technology has progressed so much that I would just get prosthetics. I've even thought so much about this that I already know what kind I would get, the blades, like the Olympic guy had. I would decorate them and make them look cool. Then I also think, what kind of life would I have? Would this be the beginning to the end? What type of quality of life would I have? Would I be a burden to my family? I would never want to be that.  So that I don’t become a burden on my family, I wear my Siren socks and check my feet on the daily.

My only hope is that if one person that reads this and learns something from this; I will feel like my words have made a difference.  Check your feet, wear the right size and type of shoes and pay attention to anything that looks different, especially if you have lost sensation in your feet.  Let’s all support one another in this journey so that one day we can all say “remember when I had diabetes?”


If you have a story to share about your experience with diabetes or neuropathy, please let us know in the comments below or email us at [email protected]

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