Siren Diabetic Socks – User Stories: Kathy

January 22, 2019

Today, we're excited to introduce Kathy, one of the early users of Siren Diabetic Socks. We are so excited to share Kathy's story with you today, along with her experiences with Siren Diabetic Socks. Kathy has been an amazing part of the Siren community, and we are so grateful for her support!

Facts About Kathy

Location: New York

Diabetes: Type 2

Neuropathy: Diagnosed by podiatrist in 2014

Care Team:  Neurologist, rheumatologist, primary care, pain management, acupuncture, physical therapist, podiatrist, and urologist

Diabetes and Neuropathy

What are the main symptoms of neuropathy that you're experiencing? "Burning and stabbing of my feet- sometimes they go almost numb."

How do you manage neuropathy symptoms? "Alternating a hot and cold soak seems to be the most effective way for me to deal with the worst problem tried Lyrica and Gabapentin. The Gabapentin made it worse but strangely the lyrica seemed to help somewhat."

What are your recommendations for someone recently diagnosed with neuropathy who has diabetes? "Watch your diet and keep your A1c in check- it makes all the difference the world. Sadly I have noticed in my case the neuropathy never goes away no matter what I do or try- it just becomes manageable on different levels."

How are you working to treat and care for your neuropathy symptoms right now? "This second I have a tens unit on my right foot and my left foot is softly tucked under a plush wrap."

What do you wish people understood about diabetes and neuropathy? "We don’t get it because we sit and stuff our face with bon-bons all day!! And NO, your Plexus isn’t going to be my magic cure all, so stop spamming my messenger. Neuropathy hurts, it’s like stepping in a frozen lake with bare feet and then having to walk around all day in the snow with those frozen feet. At night sometimes it feels like someone is stabbing your feet with tiny pen knives and won’t quit- changing positions won’t help- taking a narcotic won’t help."

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