My DFCon 2018 Experience

November 26, 2018

This post was written by Shunta B, from Texas. She has type 2 diabetes and is a user of the Siren Diabetic Sock and Foot Monitoring System.

My experience at this year’s DFCon (Diabetic Foot Conference) in Houston was amazing. I got to meet the awesome Siren Team, Ran, Henk, Maryam, and Kate. I want to say they are so nice and helpful.

My favorite part of the conference, other than meeting this awesome group of people, would be my part in Ran's breakfast symposium presentation on temperature monitoring. I have never done anything like that before and I was very happy and honored to help.

While I was at the conference, I just watched in awe at how much attention, work and knowledge the team has, and how they're putting it into these awesome socks. These guys are rock stars.

I got to see so many different products on the market for treating and managing diabetes-related, non-healing wounds. While I was at the conference, I got to meet different doctors and podiatrists and speak with a few of them about Siren Socks and my own experience with them. I also got to hear more from the Siren team about the birth of the socks and the technology behind them.

One of my favorite parts of the event was getting a sneak peek of the updated app, and I love it! I can’t wait to actually be able to use it and see what other new things they have added to the socks. I have been very impressed with these socks from the beginning and I don’t suspect that will ever stop any time soon.

After my experience at the conference listening to the data and research Ran and the rest of the Siren team have gathered, I'm convinced that these socks are the wave of the future and a limb-saving tool for so many. I'm really looking forward to seeing what other advances in healthcare technology Siren will create in the future!

Being a part of DFCon 2018 was really awesome and enlightening, and I'm happy I was able to be able to be a part of it. I hope that my continued feedback and input will continue to be a helpful part of the advancement of Siren Socks.

Thank you Siren for allowing me to educate and be educated!

Are you a podiatrist, or professional? You can get involved with Siren by sending us an email or calling us anytime.


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