The Doctors That Can Help With Your Diabetic Neuropathy

August 23, 2018

Managing diabetes can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re dealing with neuropathy (nerve damage). But you’re not alone. There are doctors who are specially trained to treat diabetic neuropathy who can help.

You may encounter a few different types of doctors during your treatments. Here are some of the different doctors you may meet and what they specialize in:

  1. Primary Care Doctor - This is the general health doctor you see first when you’re not feeling well and your problem is not an emergency. This person has probably been your doctor for a long period of time and you might have a familiar relationship with them already. They can guide you in the right direction once a diagnosis is made. Think of them as the first step towards receiving prescriptions or setting up appointments with specialists.
  2. Endocrinologist - One of the specialists your primary care doctor might refer you to is an endocrinologist. This kind of doctor specializes in glands and hormones. An endocrinologist will help you manage diabetes if you’re new to living with it, having trouble managing it, or if you’re taking insulin.
  3. Neurologist - A neurologist is another specialized doctor you may be referred to. They study the nervous system and nerve damage. You’ll see a neurologist if you’re experiencing peripheral neuropathy, or nerve damage in your feet and toes.
  4. Podiatrist - A podiatrist is a doctor who focuses specifically on the feet and ankles. They will treat you if you have ulcers or other diabetes-related injuries to your feet.

No matter what kind of doctor you partner with, there are many experts available to you who are ready to help you feel your best. Make sure you're talking to your doctors about putting health care plan that's right for you to help you manage your diabetes and neuropathy.

Disclaimer: Diabetic neuropathy symptoms may vary from individual to individual. Please consult with your doctor before pursuing any of the actions listed above.

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