Siren Nurse Spotlight – Inglish Lloyd, LPN

May 6, 2021

Inglish Lloyd has been a Licensed Practical Nurse for five years and prior to becoming a nurse, she was in the healthcare field as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant for fifteen years. She received her nursing education in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and was born and raised in Wilmington Delaware. She currently resides in Valdosta, GA. Inglish’s nursing background includes Behavioral Health, Wound Care, Pediatric Home Health, Long-Term Care, Health and Wellness Coaching and Chronic Care Case Management. She truly has a passion for providing quality care and education to all populations. She believes that proper education is essential in prevention and the healing process. Inglish loves spending time with her family, going to the beach and roller skating.

"It's great to know that our patients really understand the value of Siren Socks and how our socks serve as a preventative measure. The amazing part is, all that our patients have to do is put the socks on daily. Nurses and providers work as a team to handle the rest. I'm so proud to be part of the Siren Care team!"

Inglish LloydI adds, "I think that prevention is so important. Being a nurse that has worked with every population and in every area of nursing, i feel like preventing disease and infection is so crucial. That's what Siren Socks do. Our patients only need to wear socks in order for a whole team of devoted nurses and staff to monitor and to deliver quality care. Our patients get so excited and many have told me that they feel like a VIP to have their own private nurse looking out for their foot health. I believe that caring for my patients and receiving their feedback is the most rewarding part of my job."

About Siren Socks

Siren Socks are innovative smart socks that detect potential issues with your feet. Siren Socks are an FDA-registered Class I medical device and are for people with neuropathy.

The socks measure your foot temperature. Temperature monitoring has been shown to help prevent diabetic foot ulcers in multiple clinical studies clinical studies over the past 20 years and is considered the gold standard in diabetic foot care.

The information from the socks is monitored by licensed nurses who contact you regularly to check on your health and the status of your feet. Your doctor review any issues that arise and determine if a clinic visit is necessary.

Siren Socks are covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and many private insurance plans.

Interested patients can find a Siren-Certified Provider near them and begin the enrollment process by clicking here.


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