Holiday Gift Guide For People With Diabetes

December 15, 2016

Health and well-being can sometimes be taken for granted.
At Siren Care we can’t imagine life without the people we care and love the most. That’s why it’s important for us to keep the people we love healthy. With that in mind, we made the 2016 Siren Care Gift Guide with our favorite gifts to help the people you love live longer and healthier lives. This guide gives you some healthy ideas on the perfect present for the special people in your life.

Delicious, Healthy Food Delivered


Sakara delivers healthy food

Eating healthy can seem hard, but that’s when delivery services come in. While we love any delivery service that saves time and makes life easier, Sakara Life is our favorite. Customize 3-5 days of beautiful looking meals filled with hydrating, nutrient-rich produce, healthy fats, and plant-based proteins.
Hydration Everywhere You Go

BKR Water Bottle

BKR water bottle helps you stay hydrated

Dehydration is related to many health issues like blood sugar levels dropping. There are many water bottles out there to help you stay hydrated, but this one is our favorite. It’s BPA-free, phthalate-free, dishwasher-safe; it easily fits into the average cup holder, and doesn’t spill. We love that it comes in many colors, and is easy to hold with a handle and protective covering.

Fluffy slippers

Luxurious soft slippers by MUK LUK

Luxuriously soft slippers are guaranteed to be a hit for anyone on your shopping list. When it’s cold outside nothing is more comforting than sliding your feet into the softest slippers ever. These slippers are especially great for people with diabetes who have a risk of neuropathy to help protect their feet at all times.

Cool At The Gym

Ivy Park

Ivy Park gym clothing

Look good and feel great at the gym with new workout gear. No changing time after a workout? No worries you'll look cool on the streets or in the gym. So completely practical.

Keep Your Things Organized


Skagen travel bag to help keep your diabetes supplies organized

This beautiful leather bag is perfect for carrying around your essential diabetes gear. It's travel sized but also perfect for everyday. The classic shape and spacious design easily fits your diabetes gear and even more!

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